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3 Reasons You Need Seafood in Your Life

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Living in New England, there is no shortage of seafood restaurants. Perhaps we should consider ourselves lucky! However, even with access to some of the best seafood, especially shellfish, in the country, many people still turn their head when offered this meal choice. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinion and taste, but here at Steve’s Pinehurst Tavern, we’d like to encourage you to give seafood another thought!

Here are three reasons why everyone needs a little ocean cuisine in their life!

(Unless, of course, you’re allergic)!

Nutrients, Nutrients, Nutrients

Did we say nutrients? Fish is packed with them! From high quality proteins to several vitamins and minerals, consuming fish once a week can provide a body with unbelievably good benefits! Fish also contains superior levels of omega-3 fatty acids which have been proven crucial for body and brain function as well as reducing the risk of several diseases.

Asthma and Children

While still underway, a recent article from Healthline states that studies monitoring children who regularly consume fish were 24% less likely to develop asthma than those who did not eat fish.


Improved Sleep Quality

A recent six month study was conducted with 95 men who consumed fish 3 times per week. The purpose of this study was to monitor adults that previously reported trouble sleeping. After the study concluded, these same men reported improvements not only in their sleep quality but also with their daily functions.


Looking for the best seafood restaurant in MA? You found it.

Okay, okay we’re not technically a seafood restaurant, but we sure do have the freshest seafood in the area! Here at Steve’s Tavern we provide our customers with fresh, local, sustainable seafood fresh from the pier in Boston. With daily deliveries from Boston Sword & Tuna, you can be confident that you’re eating only the best seafood in MA!


Stop into Steve’s Pinehurst Tavern today and taste a bit of New England! We promise, if you love seafood, you won’t be disappointed!