Steve’s Pinehurst Tavern in Billerica provides a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. We offer the freshest meal selection, best handcrafted cocktails, and endless entertainment options. Lunch or dinner, anytime is a good time to stop in and visit!

About Us

Simple, yet delicious. That’s what we’re about.

With decades in the food industry, Steve’s Pinehurst Tavern is an extension of a family dedicated to providing the community with the finest, most memorable dining experience.

The story begins in the 1970s when Steve’s dad owned LUMS Restaurant (now the 99 Restaurant) in Billerica. The town was small, and everyone knew everyone. In fact, it wasn’t uncommon for Steve and his siblings to be found playing in the parking lot!

“My brothers, sister, and I were lucky enough to get free passes to the nearby carnival because they used my Dad’s water from LUMS.”

It truly was a tight-knit community. With that, the foundation of the Pinehurst name was built. Dedicated to providing customers with the freshest local options, the family took root in one of the best wholesale seafood businesses on the east coast.

With his father and brothers, Steve joined forces with Boston Sword and Tuna in 1986. Located on the historic Boston Fish Pier, the family now had access to the day’s freshest catch – straight from the dock. The business continues to thrive; however, Steve pivoted to follow his dream of owning his very own restaurant back in his hometown.

Steve’s Pinehurst Tavern is a family-friendly, local sports bar serving simple yet delicious food. While they don’t consider themselves a seafood restaurant, customers are offered the freshest daily catch straight from the Boston Pier. The atmosphere? Well, that’s another story. Friends gather to enjoy local games with multiple TVs while cheering on the home team. Families stop in for the best lunch and dinner in town. People gather for various entertainment events, including live music, bingo, karaoke, open mic, musical performances, and Keno. The reasons to visit Steve’s Pinehurst Tavern are genuinely endless.

You’ll find Steve’s Pinehurst Tavern on 786 Boston Road in Billerica, MA, adjacent to the historic Pinehurst Drive-In. Offering a lively atmosphere combined with handcrafted cocktails and a vast selection of beers, we invite you to come with friends and family to enjoy your home away from home!

Steve & Barbi