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What’s the Big Deal About Lum’s Anyway?

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As one of the favorite Billerica restaurants, at Steve’s Pinehurst Tavern we understand what our customers want. Fresh food, handcrafted cocktails and service with a smile. However, throwing in a few surprises never hurts either.

With family ties to Lum’s, we’re thrilled to present our customers with a menu option that you really don’t find anywhere else these days – Lum’s world famous hot dogs.

So, what’s the big deal about these dogs? Read on to find out!


What is Lum’s?

Started in 1956, Lum’s was one of the most popular restaurant chains on the east coast. By the company’s peak in 1972, the restaurant expanded to over 400 locations across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Europe. Yes, they went across the Atlantic – impressive, we agree!

However, that’s not all this famous restaurant chain did. They grew so quickly in revenue that the company also purchased Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas! As with anything that gains popularity so quickly, the restaurant chain began catching the attention of big investors. In the mid 1970s, Lum’s was purchased by the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise who later sold the Lum’s franchise to a Swiss holding company. In 1982, the holding company was forced to claim bankruptcy and the brand fizzled.


Even with the last Lum’s location closing its doors in 2009, the world famous hot dogs live on to this day.


Hot Dogs Steamed in Beer

Whether you’re an avid lover of hot dogs or not, there’s nothing not to love about these famously steamed dogs. Innovative for the time, Lum’s offered an international beer selection that no other restaurant competed with. To top things off – a plain dog was a mere 35 cents. If you wanted it topped with sauerkraut, that would cost you an extra dime. Perhaps you prefer your beer steamed hot dog topped with chopped sirloin marinated in house barbeque sauce, this Lumdog would cost 50 cents!

While the days of Lum’s have passed, you can still experience the world famous hot dog at Steve’s Pinehurst Tavern. Stop searching the endless possibilities of Billerica restaurants and head into Steve’s for the ultimate dining experience! As a family-friendly sports tavern, you’ll find a variety of menu items from the famous Lum’s hot dog to signature appetizers, freshly caught Boston pier fish, and (of course) handcrafted cocktails!


Visit us today at 786 Boston Road in Billerica, MA, and experience a piece of history for yourself!