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Why You Need More Seafood In Your Life

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When you have a look at our menu at Steve’s Pinehurst Tavern, you’ll see that we have a lot of tasty items on offer. We’re proud to serve everything on our menu, but we’re especially proud of our seafood. We’ll cook it the way you like it, and it’s always served with seasonal vegetables. If seafood isn’t usually your go-to order, we think you should go for it more often. You won’t be disappointed, especially with ours!


Here are three reasons why you need more seafood in your life.


It’s delicious.

First things first: seafood is delicious. Whether you like it baked, broiled, or fried, there’s nothing quite like the light, delicate flavor of fresh seafood. At Steve’s Pinehurst Tavern, we only serve the freshest fish so you have the best dining experience every time you come. But how do you know that the fish is fresh? There’s one surefire way you can always tell: it doesn’t smell like fish. Seafood gets that fishy smell when it gets old. So if a restaurant smells fishy, don’t order the fish!


It’s locally sourced.

The best way to get fresh seafood is to keep it local! We have a family connection at the Boston Fish Pier, our haddock comes straight from the source every day. Why would we get fish from far away when we have it practically on our doorstep? Not only are you getting the freshest fish possible, but you’re also supporting the local fishing industry.


It’s good for you.

Don’t you just love it when great food is good for you, too? Fish and shellfish are full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that you need to stay healthy. They’re rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart and your brain. Seafood is also a great source of protein, which satisfies your hunger longer than other foods that are primarily carbohydrates.

Fresh Seafood at Steve’s Pinehurst Tavern

You can’t go wrong with anything on our menu, but we know you’ll always be happy with our fish and shellfish dinners. Whether you like it fried, baked, or broiled, in a sandwich or as an entree, you’ll be happy you ordered seafood at Steve’s Pinehurst Tavern!


Visit us at 786 Boston Road in Billerica, or order online!